Exilis Elite Facial Skin Tightening And Contouring

Exilis Elite is an FDA approved multi award winning non-invasive alternative treatment to surgery and can be used effectively all over the face and neck for skin tightening and contouring. Combined technology - radiofrequency and ultrasound, boosts collagen production to help smooth and contour your chosen area. The Exilis Elite™ works with your body’s own natural collagen to rebuild both the structure and appearance to the treated area(s).

Exilis Elite Non-Surgical Face Lift

The Exilis Elite Non-invasive, Non-Surgical Face Lift remodels and strengthens your natural collagen, tightens skin and effectively encourages new collagen production. Exilis Elite Non-Surgical Face Lift is the perfect option for those clients who are seeking a firmer more youthful looking skin for the face, neck, eyes and jowls without the risk of surgery.

SingleCourse (4)
Upper Face (30 mins)£165.00£495.00
Lower face (60 mins)    £275.00£825.00
Face & Neck (90 mins)£330.00£990.00

A-Lift - Lifting And Toning For The Face And Neck

Our A-Lift facials are a non-invasive, rejuvenating and relaxing treatment, proven to improve the structure of the skin. Dramatically reducing lines and wrinkles, firming muscles in the face and neck, resulting in healthier, more youthful looking skin. Combining ground- breaking technologies, micro-current and nanocurrent, to combat signs of ageing at a cellular level.

A-Lift Anti Ageing (50 Mins)

A bespoke treatment for those who want focused and intensive anti-ageing therapy. This treatment is designed to alleviate more pronounced wrinkles and reduce the appearance of tired, puffy eyes. Ideal for people that need to give their skin a little bit of attention.

SingleCourse (10)

EDS Rejuvenate (Skin Needling)

EDS Rejuvenate uses the advance medical grade eDermastamp device to produce thousands of microchannels within the skin, stimulating the skins natural healing response to regenerate and repair itself. This encourages new collagen to be formed and skin cells to regenerate creating smoother, brighter, tighter, healthier skin, aiding in reduction of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, pore size and stretch marks.

Before your treatment a topical anaesthetic will be applied so you will remain comfortable throughout. The actual treatment will take about 30 minutes, after we will apply a soothing, hydrating sheet mask and perform a relaxing shoulder massage. Full treatment times vary from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the area being treated. Recommended treatment intervals are between 4 to 6 weeks.

SingleCourse (3)

The Allskinmed Vitamin Energising (85 Mins)

Supercharge the skin using a combination of intensive technologies and effective ingredients including high potency Vitamin C and A. Designed to smooth, brighten and lighten the complexion and leave the skin glowing with radiance and energy.

The most intensive ALLSKINMED energising skin treatment. Indulge yourself and your skin, with the optimum combination of exfoliating, intensive Vitamin C infused into the skin with epidermal micro-needling, followed by an activating Vitamin A, Rejuvenating Treatment Mask is then applied using a stimulating, lifting and sculpting facial massage. Completing the treatment with rejuvenating Dermalux LED light therapy to maximise results. You’ll leave with a beautifully smooth luminous complexion – perfect for a special treat or regular skin boosters. No downtime, just great results.

SingleCourse (6)

The Allskinmed Dermal Rescue (85 Mins)

Strengthen, restore and revive the skin at a dermal level, rebuilding collagen and awakening cells to reinforce the skin’s structure. Designed to firm, smooth and rebuild the skin leaving it feeling luxuriously soft, hydrated and revived.

Infuse your skin with powerful growth factors to awaken your natural regenerative processes, rebuilding collagen and strengthening the foundation of your skin. Following dual action exfoliation, epidermal microneedling is performed to activate the skins healing response and maximise penetration of the potent growth factor serum. A repairing treatment mask is then applied using lifting, sculpting and lymphatic drainage facial massage. Completing the treatment with Dermalux LED Light Therapy to repair and revive the skin. You’ll leave feeling utterly relaxed with firmer, smoother skin – perfect for a regular monthly skin booster to keep your skin healthy and strong. No downtime, just great results.

SingleCourse (6)